Italy Adventure – Kids Activity Book and Story BUMPER EDITION!

ITALY ADVENTURE – a fun Kids Activity Book including “Olive Oil Operation in Italy” – a 30 page story!

This Activity Book and Story is designed for your kids to read and work through over 5 days.

An Italian boy, ILARIO, the son of a Gondalier in Venice, gives your children a tour of his city and helps them solve the mystery of the disappearing olive oil. Educational and tons of fun, with a part of the story to read each day, plus puzzles, clues to solve, actvities and crafts, its the best way ever to learn about the history and the intrigue that is modern day Italy.

“CIAO and HELLO friends from around the world! I am Ilario and I live in Venice, Italy. My father is a gondolier and I too am learning the skill. I love to float on the Venice Canals, see all the historic places and think about all that has happened here in the past! Welcome to my country! I will enjoy showing you around our beautiful city.

When you think of Italy, what do you think of? – Pizza? – Eating Gelato Ice cream at a small street café? – Gondolas on the water in Venice, with the gondoliers singing soulful songs – The leaning tower of Pisa – Rome and the Colosseum There are so many things that remind us of Italy, aren’t there?

The name Italy comes from the word Italia, meaning “calf land” Some say it was because the bull was a symbol of the Southern Italian tribes.”


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